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The SQLite-JDBC driver is part of a Series of applications allowing us to offer you innovative services in free software.

It was born from a fork of xerial sqlite-jdbc following a refusal to merge a pull request to make the SQLite driver compatible with JDBC 4.1.

This driver allows you to use software compatible with JDBC 4.1 and SQLite database.

Being free software I encourage you:

In short, to participate in the development of this extension.
Because it is together that we can make Free Software smarter.

How does it work:

Its operation does not really differ from the original driver and here are the modifications that were necessary:

Having to complete the INSERT and REPLACE SQL commands in order to be able to follow the JDBC 4.1 API may seem at first incongruous. But in fact this is the solution implemented in the IBM DB2 v11.5 driver (ie: it suffixes SQL commands INSERT with SELECT FROM). I think the same may be true for all JDBC 4.1 drivers whose database is not written in Java and in any case this is only an implementation detail.

These modifications only concern the internal functioning of the driver and are not visible. On the other hand, to make them functional it was necessary to modify certain access methods to the JDBC SQLite driver.
You will find the description of this new API in the following section.

The new SQLite JDBC 4.1 API:

Here is the list of Java methods modified to support JDBC 4.1:

I would like to point out that this new mode of operation of the driver is not quite the same as that used in the xerial driver. This may require changing some SQL queries in your programs.
But it assures you that its use complies with JDBC 4.1 standards.

This new driver will bring you many advantages:


Download the jar archive and do what you like.