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version 1.0.1


gContactOOo is part of a Suite of LibreOffice and/or OpenOffice extensions allowing to offer you innovative services in these office suites.
This extension gives you access, in LibreOffice, to your phone contacts (the contacts of your Android phone).

Being free software I encourage you:

In short, to participate in the development of this extension.
Because it is together that we can make Free Software smarter.


In order to take advantage of the latest versions of the Python libraries used in gContactOOo, version 2 of Python has been abandoned in favor of Python 3.8 minimum.
This means that gContactOOo no longer supports OpenOffice and LibreOffice 6.x on Windows since version 1.0.0. I can only advise you to migrate to LibreOffice 7.x.

gContactOOo uses a local HsqlDB database version 2.7.2.
HsqlDB being a database written in Java, its use requires the installation and configuration in LibreOffice / OpenOffice of a JRE version 11 or later.
I recommend Adoptium as your Java installation source.

If you are using LibreOffice on Linux, you are subject to bug 139538. To work around the problem, please uninstall the packages with commands:

If you still want to use the Embedded HsqlDB functionality provided by LibreOffice, then install the HyperSQLOOo extension.


It seems important that the file was not renamed when it was downloaded. If necessary, rename it before installing it.

You must install this extension, if it is not already installed.

You must install this extension, if it is not already installed.

Restart LibreOffice / OpenOffice after installation.


In LibreOffice / OpenOffice go to File -> Wizards -> Address Data Source…:

gContactOOo screenshot 1

In step: 1. Address Book Type:

gContactOOo screenshot 2

In step: 2. Connection Settings:

gContactOOo screenshot 3

In Database type list:

gContactOOo screenshot 4

In General: Datasource Url:


gContactOOo screenshot 5

After authorizing the OAuth2OOo application to access your Contacts, normally you should see: Connection Test: The connection was established successfully.

gContactOOo screenshot 6

Have fun…

Has been tested with:

I encourage you in case of problem :confused:
to create an issue
I will try to solve it :smile:



This extension was written in order to make usable in free software (LibreOffice or OpenOffice) your personal data (your address book) stored in your Android phone.

With the eMailerOOo extension, it can be the data source for mail merge by email, to your correspondents contained in your phone.

It will give you access to an information system that only larges companies are able, today, to implement.

What has been done for version 0.0.5:

What has been done for version 0.0.6:

What has been done for version 1.0.1:

What remains to be done for version 1.0.1: