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version 1.2.0


SQLiteOOo is part of a Suite of LibreOffice and/or OpenOffice extensions allowing to offer you innovative services in these office suites.

This extension allows you to use SQLite JDBC database in embedded mode, making the database portable (a single odb file).
It allows you to take advantage of the ACID properties of the underlying SQLite database.

Being free software I encourage you:

In short, to participate in the development of this extension.
Because it is together that we can make Free Software smarter.


The SQLiteOOo extension uses the jdbcDriverOOo extension to work.
It must therefore meet the requirement of the jdbcDriverOOo extension.

Since version 1.2.0, only LibreOffice 24.2.x or higher is supported. If it is not possible for you to use such a version, use the previous version of SQLiteOOo. But in this case, this extension cannot be installed with the HyperSQLOOo extension, see bug #156471. In addition, it will be difficult for you to migrate odb files created under lower versions of SQLiteOOo. I recommend using LibreOffice 24.2.x minimum with SQLiteOOo 1.2.0 or higher.

On Linux and macOS the Python packages used by the extension, if already installed, may come from the system and therefore may not be up to date.
To ensure that your Python packages are up to date it is recommended to use the System Info option in the extension Options accessible by:
Tools -> Options -> Base drivers -> Embedded SQLite Driver -> View log -> System Info
If outdated packages appear, you can update them with the command:
pip install --upgrade <package-name>

For more information see: What has been done for version 1.1.0.


It seems important that the file was not renamed when it was downloaded.
If necessary, rename it before installing it.

Restart LibreOffice after installation.
Be careful, restarting LibreOffice may not be enough.


How to create a new database:

In LibreOffice / OpenOffice go to File -> New -> Database…:

SQLiteOOo screenshot 1

In step: Select database:

SQLiteOOo screenshot 2

In step: Save and proceed:

SQLiteOOo screenshot 3

Have fun…

How does it work:

SQLiteOOo is an com.sun.star.sdbc.Driver UNO service written in Python.
It is an overlay to the jdbcDriverOOo extension allowing to store the SQLite database in an odb file (which is, in fact, a compressed file).

Its operation is quite basic, namely:

The main purpose of this mode of operation is to take advantage of the ACID characteristics of the underlying database in the event of an abnormal closure of LibreOffice. On the other hand, the function: file -> Save has no effect on the underlying database. Only closing the odb file or saving it under a different name (File -> Save As) will save the database in the odb file.

Has been tested with:

I encourage you in case of problem :confused:
to create an issue
I will try to solve it :smile:


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