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version 0.0.4


HsqlDBDriverOOo is part of a Suite of LibreOffice and/or OpenOffice extensions allowing to offer you innovative services in these office suites.

This extension allows you to use the HsqlDB driver of your choice, with all its features, directly in Base.
It supports all protocols natively managed by HsqlDB, namely: hsql://, hsqls://, http://, https://, mem://, file:// and res://.

Being free software I encourage you:

In short, to participate in the development of this extension.
Because it is together that we can make Free Software smarter.


HsqlDB is a database written in Java.
The use of HsqlDB requires the installation and configuration within LibreOffice / OpenOffice of a JRE 11 or later.
I recommend AdoptOpenJDK as your Java installation source.

If you are using LibreOffice on Linux, then you are subject to bug 139538.
To work around the problem, please uninstall the packages:

If you still want to use the Embedded HsqlDB functionality provided by LibreOffice, then install the HsqlDBembeddedOOo extension.
OpenOffice and LibreOffice on Windows are not subject to this malfunction.


It seems important that the file was not renamed when it was downloaded. If necessary, rename it before installing it.

Restart LibreOffice / OpenOffice after installation.


How to create a new database:

In LibreOffice / OpenOffice go to File -> New -> Database…:

HsqlDBDriverOOo screenshot 1

In step: Select database:

HsqlDBDriverOOo screenshot 2

In step: Connection settings:

HsqlDBDriverOOo screenshot 3

In step: Set up user authentication:

HsqlDBDriverOOo screenshot 4

If the connection was successful, you should see this dialog window:

HsqlDBDriverOOo screenshot 5

Have fun…

How to update the HsqlDB driver:

If you want to update the HsqlDB driver (hsqldb.jar) to a newer version, follow these steps:

Now your database is up to date.

Has been tested with:

I encourage you in case of problem :-(
to create an issue
I will try to solve it ;-)



This driver was written to work around certain problems inherent in the UNO implementation of the JDBC driver built into LibreOffice / OpenOffice, namely:

The only possible workaround for this problem is to put the driver’s Java archive (hsqldb.jar) in the Java ClassPath, but the problem is that if the driver version is other than version 1.8, then Base can no longer open odb files: HsqlDB embedded database functionality is lost. This amounts to saying that you cannot use an HsqlDB driver other than version 1.8, which is now over 10 years old…

In order to take advantage of the latest features offered by HsqlDB, it was necessary to write a new driver.

Until version 0.0.3, this new driver is just a wrapper in Python around the UNO services provided by the defective LibreOffice / OpenOffice JDBC driver.
Since version 0.0.4, it has been completely rewritten in Java under Eclipse, because who better than Java can provide access to JDBC in the UNO API…
In order not to prevent the native JDBC driver from working, it loads when calling the sdbc:hsqldb:* protocol but uses the jdbc:hsqldb:* protocol internally to connect.

It also provides functionality that the JDBC driver implemented in LibreOffice / OpenOffice does not provide, namely:

For now, only the use of the SQL Array type in the queries is available.

What has been done for version 0.0.1:

What has been done for version 0.0.2:

What has been done for version 0.0.3:

What has been done for version 0.0.4:

What remains to be done for version 0.0.4: